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I am most grateful for your caring professional input that has enabled my granddaughter to move through a very rough patch. It has highlighted for me the need to put in a structure that better supports her living in a safer and happier manner. My granddaughter in herself seems a much happier, peaceful child, often singing to herself like she used to.

Heart story — Supported

The budget advisor was very relational and she understood where I was coming from. Having been through a similar experience, it gave me hope I can get through this (my financial crisis). I received more than I came for. She was very professional and used her personal experiences to relate to what I was going through, and gave me hope. She helped me to resolve my own budgeting issues. I have gained a better picture or perspective of our financial situation.

Heart story — Hope

I would like to say a big thank you to you for all the help and assistance that you have given me and consequently my little family. I was at a complete loss as to what to do about my (and my family's) financial situation and at the lowest point in my life. Meeting with a budget advisor set the wheels in motion that helped me to arrive at a viable financial working solution for me (and my family). This has tremendously lightened the burden and eased the worry for me. I am unable to repay you (at this time!) in any real way other than to thank you and your team of wonderful people from the bottom of my heart.

Heart story — Empowered

My challenges come from 38 years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, first from my family then my partner.  A huge turning point came in receiving support from CARE. It's allowed me to explore new ways to live and to make positive changes. It has helped me learn that love is about caring, kindness and patience. It is helping me to find my own truth about who I am. I don't have to be afraid of other people anymore and it feels incredible, just wonderful.
Coming to CARE helped me see that there could be options and I no longer think about death as the only way I won't be hurt. I really didn't think it was possible for me to feel this way about life.
I feel so incredibly different today. It feels like a crushing weight has been lifted off my heart and like my spirit has been set free of chains. When I started seeing a CARE counselling I was in such a dark place of hopelessness. I had no idea that how I see life could change so much or that it could become something I embrace. Thank you to CARE for holding on to hope for me all of this time.

Heart story — Set Free

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