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To provide compassionate, affordable and professional social services which enhance the well-being of children, adolescents and adults in Waitākere 
Coming Alongside to Restore and Empower: The people we serve are empowered to live healthier and more fulfilled lives. Injustices are challenged, people who are disadvantaged have hope.
Paramountcy of Children- In all aspects of our work, the welfare and interests of a child or young person are the first and paramount consideration.
Honouring Te Tiriti- We recognise the unique cultural identity of Maori as Tāngata Whenua and seek to honour the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
Honouring Diversity - We celebrate the diversity of our society and promote respect and inclusivity.
Respect- We acknowledge the importance of all aspects of personhood including spirituality and respect the right of every person to choose their own path.

Professionalism- We provide a working environment which supports personal and professional growth.

Holistic Health- We nurture wellbeing in all aspects of personhood.

Manaakitanga- We provide a welcoming and safe space for our clients and our staff.


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